Institute MSC Representative

Institute MSC Representative Eligibility Criteria: Should have completed at least one complete semester in the institute with no active backlogs till May 2015. Any M.Sc. /M.Sc. PhD student of IIT Bombay not passing out before April 2016 can apply. The student should not be holding any other Institute recognized post. Role and Responsibilities Shall address[…]

Academic Unit Representatives of Academic Affairs (AURAA, Masters)

Academic Unit Representatives of Academic Affairs (AURAA, Masters) Eligibility: 1. The candidate shouldn’t have any active backlog. 2. The candidate should not be passing out before April 2016 3. The candidate shouldn’t be holding any other gymkhana posts Responsibilities of AURAA’s: 1. Represent their respective departments in all issues regarding PG student grievances. 2. Effectively[…]

Nominations for Masters AURAA of PG Academic Council 2015-2016

Nominations are invited for Masters AURAA (Academic Unit Representative for Academic Affairs) positions. Each of 23 Departments/School/Centre/IDP will be represented in the council by a Master student (as AURAA members). A total of 23 posts. Find the details about roles of above mentioned positions, eligibility, groundwork, write-ups to be submitted and all other relevant information[…]